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Friday, 14 December, 2018

Companies are finally starting to design travel backpacks specifically for urban travel! In the past people use normal backpack for hiking and trekking but now people happy with the new designs of smart backpack. Travel backpacks are still relatively new, so they’re not as advanced as traditional hiking backpacks. Therefore, there are still a few drawbacks:

Travel backpacks are designed to be worn for maybe an hour at a time. The shoulder straps on travel backpacks are not always as advanced as on a traditional hiking backpack,although it does depend on the backpacks.

A lot of company scanty focus on the hip belt of travel backpacks, some don’t even have one. The weight of your backpack should actually fall on your hips not your shoulders. Only a few travel backpacks include a fully functional hip belt. 

The zipper of the backpack varies according to price range and quality.Some zipper is waterproof and some cheap zipper don’t.

Travel backpacks are a little boxier than the average hiking backpack because they’re designed to be more like a suitcase.

Size of traveling bags are available as per airline weight rule which you can carry with you.

Today’s generation likes something new and advance which saves time. Smart backpacks are like your ordinary backpacks, but with more electronic features. They can charge your devices, get power from the sun, play your favourite tunes, and more. In short, they were made to adapt the lifestyle of the modern man. In the latest backpack trend, a backpack that features some advanced technological improvements such as attached sensors, USB chargers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other electronics. Persons who are loved to outdoor entertaining activities like camping, hiking, and trekking are the major users of smart backpacks.

We are seeing Different-different backpack brands are introducing in market and old famous brands are improving the backpack as per trend and customer requirement. It is new competition started in the backpack market. Now, the competition between brands of a backpack on basis of comfort, ease of access of advanced things in a backpack, waterproof backpack, durability, sizes of the backpack, different type of baggage for a different type of sector- for students, adults, industrial workers, and salesman, and traveller.

The specialty stores recorded the highest sales of smart backpacks during 2017.  The products sold in the specialty stores are similar across all their stores. Sears Brands, Staples, and John Lewis Partnership are some of the popular stores for specialty outdoor sports equipment. The Americas recorded for the largest share of the global smart backpack market during 2017.

The demand for smart backpacks is increasing in the region owing to factors such as the strong government support for outdoor activities, an increase in the number of camping and trekking sites, and an increase in the affordability of trips among peoples. Western countries promote more facilities for adventure activities.

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