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The term Nootropic is derived from Greek word noos and tropein which means mind and towards respectively. In general Nootropic products are natural and synthetic compounds that can enhance memory, alertness, attention and other cognitive abilities.Nootropicshave few serious adverse effects and low toxicity, but there is little evidence that they enhance cognition in people having no cognitive impairments (troubles in learning, remembering and concentrating).

A Romanian psychologist and chemist named Corneliu Giurgea started using the word nootropic in the 1970s to refer to substances that improve brain function, but humans have always tended toward foods and chemicals that make us feel sharper, quicker, happier, and more content. Our brains use about 20 percent of our energy when our bodies are at rest, according to National Geographic, so our thinking ability is directly affected by the calories as well as by the nutrients in the foods we eat.

Do you start your day with a cup (or two, or three) of coffee?J It tastes delicious, but it’s also refresh you because of its caffeine content. Caffeine is definitely a nootropic substance. It’s a mild stimulant that can improve concentration and relief from fatigue. Current research shows that coffee drinkers don’t suffer any ill effects from drinking up to about four cups of coffee per day. Caffeine is also found in tea, soda, and energy drinks.

When you drink tea, you’re getting some caffeine (less than the amount in coffee), plus an amino acid that increase activity in the brain’s alpha frequency band, which can lead to relaxation without sleepiness. Supplements, medications, and coffee certainly might play a role in keeping our brains running smoothly at work or when we’re trying to remember where we left our keys. People have been drinking it for more than 4,000 years, after all, but modern brain hackers try to distill and enhance the benefits by taking just L-theanine (amino acid) as a nootropic supplement. It helps in weight loss, cardiovascular health, and cancer prevention.

One fairly powerful nootropic substance that appropriately has fallen out of favor is nicotine. It’s the chemical that gives tobacco products their stimulating kick.It does make smoking very addictive.

Speaking of addictive substances, some people might have considered cocaine a nootropic. The incredible damage this drug can do is clear, but the plant from which it comes has been used to make people feel more energetic and less hungry.

For good brain health across the life span, you should keep your brain active, there is good evidence for ‘use it or lose it.

These days, young, ambitious professionals prefer prescription stimulants including methylphenidate (usually sold as Ritalin) and Adderall that are designed to treat people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and are more common and more acceptable than cocaine or nicotine (although there is a black market for these pills). ADHD makes people more likely to lose their focus on tasks and to feel restless and impulsive. Both methylphenidate and Adderall can improve sustained attention and concentration,But the drugs do have side effects, including insomnia, lack of hunger, mood swings, and in extreme cases hallucinations.

As professionals become more interested in enhancing their own brain power, a huge market has jumped up for nonprescription nootropic supplements. Some people aren’t satisfied with a single supplement—the most devoted self-improvers buy a variety of different compounds online and create their own custom regimens, which they call “stacks.”

Improve cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, and motivation in healthy individuals. Nootropics have been available in the market for several decades and Nootropics, memory enhancement currently holds the largest revenue share in Market. 

Positive effect on brain performance, brain boosters, mood enhancer,due to growing depression and mental fatigue among youth across the gkobe. Researchers experimenting on the effectiveness of the drugs and its side effects.

Modafinil drug is approved product in 2013 and is only available product by prescription.however there are varieties of other product which can be obtain as supplements without any prescriptionThese include CDPCholine, Piracetam and either pyritinol or sulbutiamine just to begin with.

Leading players in the global Nootropic products market include Cephalon, Inc., United Pharmacies (UK), Purelife Bioscience Co., Ltd among others.

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