An Overview of Petrochemical Industry

Wednesday, 31 October, 2018

Petrochemical terminals are in great demand these days just because of the ever growing vehicle and automobile industry. At IINA(Intelligent Integration n Automation) we aim to provide the top management facilities. It helps you to check the progress of your petroleum site frequently. We also pay a special focus in ensuring that safety and protection of the workers are given the highest priority. To achieve this objective of the highest quality we implement IP cameras which are guided by lasers. The size of 10 laser cameras along with 20 static cameras is employed to deliver the results with precision. We use purely wireless communication infrastructure for networking. The estimated project value for this industry is 3 million. However, IINA(Intelligent Integration n Automation) differs from other competitors as a testimony to our business objectives. We at IINA(Intelligent Integration n Automation) aim to provide solutions for dynamic sites that have to meet the demands of ever-changing scenarios. 

This article takes an overview of the petrochemical industry:

Petrochemical industries are concerned with the production of chemicals through the usage of natural gas and oil as the raw materials. Oil and natural gas the primary hydrocarbons and are necessary as all petrochemical products contain hydrogen or carbon or both.

Petrochemicals can also be converted into a wide range of products such as plastics, rubbers, paints, detergents, dyes, fertilizers, Solvents, and textiles. It also has two categories. The first one is concerned with producing the basic chemicals such as ethylene. The latter type deals with producing goods for industries or consumers by using petrochemical outputs.

However, at this point, it is paramount to notice that the majority of chemicals that are now considered as petrochemicals were traditionally produced through coal and wood. This process continued until the 19th century. But later after World War 1, these chemicals expanded themselves into producing vinyl resins. 

The war not only revolutionized the petrochemical industry but also played a huge part in its growth. A wide range of synthetic consumer products was in demand. Later with the advent of plastic which uses a compound called as Polystyrene also increased the demand. 

Most of the petrochemical industries are located near to the oil refining centers or the oil-producing centers so as to reduce the transport costs. They are owned by different communities but are dominated by foreign shareholders through joint ventures. Though the investment of Indian entrepreneurs is increasing, it still has to catch up.

Along with adhering to the standards in the petrochemical industry, we at IINA(Intelligent Integration n Automation) also provide quality CCTV surveillance solutions. We also provide a fire alarm system and access control systems. Regarding management services, we are well accomplished in providing inventory management and building management services. The optic solutions that are provided by us include audio or video or data fiber solutions. To fulfill the tackling of time and attendance, we provide a facility which accepts any of the card, face or biometric verification. Internet of Things (IOT) or LORA or utility meters are monitored. Automation of gate services is available so as to enable smooth transit of inventories. We also provide WIFI facilities for larger areas along with P2P or P2MP communication services.

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