More automation means faster research

UK: Automation, along with AI, is a “game changer” for market research, according to Leonard Murphy, executive editor and producer at GreenBook and senior partner with Gen2 Advisors. These technologies are “troublemaking an inefficient process,” according to Murphy, enabling researchers to deliver faster and more cost-effective insight.

Crispin Beale, chief executive, Chime Insight & Engagement Group, agrees, telling Research Live, “Automation’s abilities are constantly growing and this along with its increasing adoption by both agencies and brands is driving big changes in the industry. 

As a direct result of more automation and AI technologies, companies will also invest in qualitative methods, according to Murphy. That’s because, to get a better picture of customers, companies need to give context to “more automated quant work.”

The pressure is on to deliver faster, cheaper and better research for clients, something we are only able to do with the help of automated processes.”
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