A Real Fixer-Apper: This Startup Builds A Precise 3D-Model Of Your House With Smartphone

Early 2019 brought usual winter-storm home damage around the U.S. That means filing an insurance claim and for that long waiting days to inspect the buildings before things can be fixed. San Francisco-based HOVER aims to change that.

The company has elevated $62 million in venture support for its free app, which instructs homeowners to take photos of their house from key spots. It then uses those pics to create a 3-D model of the structure and send a damage report to insurance companies such as American Family, no inspector required.

The software is increasingly popular among property preservation contractors, too, including those doing work for Home Depot. Its models offer precise measurements, so Bob the Builder no longer has to rely on rougher estimates of materials needed to complete a project.
"It makes them more efficient," says HOVER founder and CEO A.J. Altman, "ensuring they don't order too much or too little product, and don't under- or overquote."

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