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Construction Project Insight - Water and Sewage Construction Projects: The Americas

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Table of Contents



      • 1.1. Collection and Transmission
      • 1.2. Containment
      • 1.3. Treatment Plants
      • 1.4. Other Water and Sewage Infrastructure 17
      • 1.5. Desalination Plants 18


      • 3.1. The US
      • 3.2. Mexico
      • 3.3. Canada
      • 3.4. Chile
      • 3.5. Brazil
      • 3.6. Colombia
      • 3.7. Argentina
      • 3.8. Peru
      • 3.9. Panama
      • 3.10. Paraguay


      • 4.1. GlobalData at a Glance
      • 4.2. GlobalData Construction
      • 4.3. Disclaimer

      Project Insight - Water and Sewage Construction Projects: The Americas


      GlobalData’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) is currently tracking water and sewage construction projects in the Americas with a total value of US$ 101.0 billion. Of this, US$41.1 billion is in the execution stage and US$ US$36.0 billion is in the planning stage. The US accounts for the highest value with US$72.9 billion, followed by Mexico with projects valuing US$6.0 billion. Canada and Chile follow with a value of US$5.8 billion and US$4.0 billion respectively. The highest value water and sewage projects in the region are the US$11.0 billion Sacramento to San Joaquin River Delta Conveyance System, and the US$6.0 billion New York City Water Tunnel No. 3, both in the US.

      The US is the dominant economic market in the Americas, and has the highest population with the greatest requirement for efficient water and sewage infrastructure. There are 155,000 drinking water systems across the US and 800,000 miles of public sewerage pipes, many of which were installed in the early to mid-twentieth century with a lifespan of 75-100 years. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) estimates that for the period of 2016-2025 there is funding of US$45 billion, although US$150 billion is required, leaving a substantial funding gap of US$105 billion. According to the American Water Works Association, upgrading existing water systems and meeting the drinking water infrastructure needs of a growing population will require at least US$1 trillion in investment. Although Latin America has one third of the world’s freshwater resources, inefficient infrastructure results in a 40% loss of drinking water before it reaches users. Recent market studies identified Latin America’s municipal water market being valued at US$21.16 billion in 2018.

      Key Highlights

      - The total pipeline of projects is valued at US$101.0 billion with US$10.2 billion being spent in 2019 and US$15.3 billion in 2020.
      - The highest value of projects are at the execution stage with a total value of US$41.1 billion, followed by projects in the planning stage with US$36.0 billion.
      - Projects in the pre-execution stage amount to US$18.10 billion, while those at the pre-planning stage total US$5.8 billion.
      - Assuming all projects in the current pipeline proceed as planned, spending will reach US$15.3 billion in 2020 and fall to US$6.7 billion in 2023. The highest value of project completions will be in 2022, with a value of US$19.6 billion.
      - Collection and transmission projects account for the highest value with US$42.0 billion.
      - The top contractors in the region are Kiewit Corp based in the US and Dragados, based in Spain. The top consulting engineers are Jacobs Associates based in the US and Cowi AS based in Denmark.


      - The report provides analysis based on CIC projects showing total project values for the Americas and analysis by stage and funding for the top ten countries. The top 50 projects are listed for the region giving country, stage, value of water and sewage construction.
      - Ranked listings of the key operators for the sector are also provided showing the leading contractors, consulting engineers and project owners. Country profiles are provided for the top 10 countries including the US, Mexico and Canada.

      Reasons to buy

      - Gain insight into the development of the water and sewage construction sector.
      - Assess all major projects by value, start date, scope and stage of development for the region and top 10 countries to support business development activities.
      - Plan campaigns by country based on specific project opportunities and align resources to the most attractive markets.

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