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Clothing & Textile Nanotextiles: Opportunities and Global Markets

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Nanotextiles: Opportunities and Global Markets    

    Chapter- 1: Introduction    

      •    Study Goals and Objectives

        •    Reasons for Doing This Study

          •    Intended Audience

            •    Scope of Report

              •    Methodology and Information Sources

                •    Market Breakdown

                  •    Analyst’s Credentials

                    •    BCC Custom Research

                      •    Related BCC Research Reports

                        Chapter- 2: Summary and Highlights

                          •    Table Summary : Global Market for Nanotextiles, by Application, Through 2024

                            •    Figure Summary : Global Market for Nanotextiles, by Application, 2017-2024

                              Chapter- 3: Market and Technology Background    16

                                •    Nanomaterials and Nanotextiles

                                  •    The Nanotechnology Industry

                                    •    Milestones in the History of Nanotechnology and Nanotextiles and Recent Events

                                      •    Current and Emerging Applications for Nanotextiles

                                        Chapter- 4: Technology    26    

                                          •    Introduction

                                            •    Materials for Nanotextiles

                                              •    Properties of Nanotextiles

                                                •    Production Methods for Nanotextiles

                                                  •    Latest Technological Developments, 2016 to Present

                                                    •    Other Relevant R&D Activities

                                                      Chapter- 5: Global Markets    

                                                        •    Analysis Outline

                                                          •    Current Market Status

                                                            •    Market Growth Trends

                                                              •    Market Forecast

                                                                Chapter- 6: Global Industry Structure and Company Profiles

                                                                  •    Leading Suppliers of Nanotextiles

                                                                    •    Other Industry Players

                                                                      •    Company Profiles

                                                                        Chapter- 7: Patent Analysis    

                                                                          •    Introduction

                                                                            •    Summary of Recently Awarded Patents

                                                                              •    General Trends

                                                                                •    Trends, by Country and Region

                                                                                  •    Trends, by Assignee

                                                                                    •    Trends, by Patent Category

                                                                                      •    Trends, by Nanostructured Material

                                                                                        •    Trends, by Application


                                                                                          Report Scope

                                                                                          The global market for nanotextiles should grow from $xx billion in 2019 to $xx billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of xx% for the period of 2019-2024.

                                                                                          This report provides an updated review of nanotextile technology, including materials and production processes, and identifies current and emerging applications for this technology.

                                                                                          Market Research delineates the current market status for these products, defines trends, and presents growth forecasts for the next five years. The market is analyzed based on the following segments: nanotextile type, functionality, nanostructured material, application, and region. In addition, technological issues, including key events and the latest developments, are discussed.

                                                                                          In the first section, an introduction to the topic and a historical review of nanotextiles are provided, including an outline of recent events. In this section, current and emerging applications are also identified and grouped in segments (apparel, technical, household, and other consumer products).

                                                                                          The second section provides a technological review of nanotextiles. This section offers a detailed description of materials used for production of nanofabrics, properties of nanotextiles, and typical fabrication methods. This section concludes with an analysis of the most important technological developments since 2016, including examples of significant patents recently issued or applied for. The chapter ends with a highlight of the most active research organizations operating in this field and their activities.

                                                                                          The analysis of current revenues for nanotextiles is followed by a detailed presentation of market growth trends, based on industry growth, technological trends, and regional trends. The third section concludes by providing projected revenues for nanotextiles within each segment, together with forecast compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) for the period 2019 through 2024. Projected and forecast revenue values are in constant U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation.

                                                                                          Description of the geographical distribution of manufacturers and detailed company profiles of the top industry players including Donaldson, eSpin Technologies, Finetex EnE, Nano-Textile and Parker Hannifin

                                                                                          Segmentation of the global nanotextiles market by product type, fabrication technology, application, end use industry and geographical region

                                                                                          Identification of the fastest-growing applications and technologies, and a holistic overview of the current and future market trends which will lead to increasing demand for nanotextiles production

                                                                                          Get latest Market Research Reports on Nanotextiles. Industry analysis & Market Report on Nanotextiles is a syndicated market report, published as Nanotextiles: Opportunities and Global Markets. It is complete Research Study and Industry Analysis of Nanotextiles market, to understand, Market Demand, Growth, trends analysis and Factor Influencing market.

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