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Technology Personal Computer Market in China 2019

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Personal Computer Market in China 2019

Page 1: Executive Summary


      Page 2: Introduction and usage

        Page 3-4: Types of PCs

          Market Overview

            Page 5: Global PC Market - Overview, Rise in Global PC Shipments, Global PC Market Structure

              Page 6: Domestic PC Market - Overview, Market Size and Growth, Personal Computer Sales - Q2 2011

                Drivers & Challenges

                  Page 7: Summary

                    Page 8-14: Drivers

                      Page 15-18: Challenges

                        Government Initiatives

                          Page 16: 12th Five-Year Plan of China (2011-2015)


                              Page 17: Summary

                                Page 18-20: Key Trends


                                    Page 21: Competition - Overview, Competitive Landscape - Market Share

                                      Page 22: Domestic Competition Summary -Revenue and Profit

                                        Page 23: Domestic Competition Summary -Revenue, Net Income and Market Capitalization

                                          Page 24-28: Profile of Major Domestic Players in the Market

                                            Page 25-38: Profile of Major Foreign Players in the Market

                                              Key Takeaway

                                                Page 39: Key Takeaways

                                                The report begins with an introduction section comprising an overview of the personal computer (PC) sector including their usage in various aspects of modern life followed by brief information on various types of personal computers including the Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Sub-notebook, Rugged PC, Netbook, Tablet PC and mobile PC devices. The market overview of the global personal computer market provides data on the rise in global PC shipments and global PC market structure, while comparing the market position of China and the U.S. in the overall global PC market. Further, the report gives a detailed description of the domestic PC market, along with the industry/market size in terms of transaction volume and its growth. In addition, the section also mentions the PC sales for China and the U.S. in terms of value and volume.

                                                Factors driving the growth of PC market in China covered in the report include increasing internet usage, huge consumer base, rising income, accelerating urbanization and changing lifestyle, untapped market potential, reduction in import duties, growing consumer goods retailing, growing online retailing and growing computer education are providing ample opportunities to the market.

                                                Players operating in the market also face challenges which are impeding their development and growth. Major challenges identified include rise in use of smartphones, rapid technology obsolescence, rapid price drops and low profit margins, challenges in overseas expansion and low IT spending.

                                                The report also provides the government support policies in the 12th Five Year Plan, which is aimed at developing information technology to support the expansion and advancement of domestic PC market in the future.

                                                Emerging trends in the PC market include miniaturization, rising popularity of tablet PCs, emerging netbooks and PC vendors move towards smartphones.

                                                The competition section outlays the competitive landscape of the PC industry in China briefing about the domestic and foreign players operating in the market. This section provides an overview of the financial health of the major players along with the key business highlights. Financial information includes revenues, profitability and market capitalization.

                                                Some of the key statistics or factors impacting the PC market in China covered in the report includes market size, PC sales figures, internet population and penetration, consumer base, per capita urban disposable income, urbanization rate, online retail sales, mobile internet users, Smartphone sales, tablet PC growth, market share of players etc.

                                                Key takeaway section summarizes the entire market in terms of opportunities, trends and challenges persisting in the PC market in China.

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