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Consumer Argentina Savory Snacks

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Table of Contents

    Report scope

      Executive summary

        Argentina in the global and regional context

          Argentina in the global and Latin America savory snacks sector

            Argentina compared to other leading countries in the Latin America

              Per capita consumption and expenditure - Argentina compared to the Latin America and global levels

                Sector analysis - savory snacks

                  Country snapshot - savory snacks sector in Argentina

                    Value and volume analysis - savory snacks sector in Argentina

                      Degree of trading up/down in the Argentinian savory snacks sector

                        Cross category comparison - value and growth rate

                          Change in category share by value

                            Cross category comparison - volume and growth rate

                              Change in category share by volume

                                Per capita consumption analysis by category

                                  Category analysis: ethnic/traditional snacks

                                    Category analysis: nuts and seeds

                                      Segment analysis (in value terms): nuts and seeds

                                        Segment analysis (in volume terms): nuts and seeds

                                          Category analysis: popcorn

                                            Segment analysis (in value terms): popcorn

                                              Segment analysis (in volume terms): popcorn

                                                Category analysis: potato chips

                                                  Category analysis: processed snacks

                                                    Segment analysis (in value terms): processed snacks

                                                      Segment analysis (in volume terms): processed snacks

                                                        Distribution analysis

                                                          Distribution channel share analysis: savory snacks

                                                            Distribution channel share analysis by category

                                                              Competitive landscape

                                                                Leading companies in the sector (in value and volume terms) in the savory snacks sector, 2018

                                                                  Top 5 companies share by brand (in value terms and volume terms) in the savory snacks sector, 2018

                                                                    Brand shares of top five companies (in value terms and volume terms) by category, 2018

                                                                      Private label share analysis by category

                                                                        Growth of private labels compared to branded products

                                                                          Degree of consolidation/fragmentation by category

                                                                            Health & wellness

                                                                              Health & wellness trend analysis

                                                                                Health & wellness market analysis by product attribute

                                                                                  Health & wellness market analysis by consumer benefit

                                                                                    Category comparison - with health & wellness and without health & wellness claims

                                                                                      Packaging analysis

                                                                                        Pack material

                                                                                          Pack type

                                                                                            Closure type


                                                                                                Demographic analysis

                                                                                                  Macroeconomic analysis

                                                                                                    Economic summary, labor market trends, and demographic trends

                                                                                                      GlobalData country risk index (GCRI)




                                                                                                            Argentina Savory Snacks


                                                                                                            The Argentina savory snacks sector is led by the ‘potato chips’ in value terms, whereas ethnic/traditional snacks is expected to register the fastest value growth during 2018-2023. Hypermarkets & supermarkets is the leading channel for the distribution of savory snacks products in the country. Flexible packaging is the most commonly used pack material in the sector. PepsiCo, Blancanuez Sa and The 5 Hispanic are the leading players in the sector.

                                                                                                            GlobalData’s Country Profile report on the Savory Snacks in Argentina provides insights on high growth categories to target, trends in the usage of package materials, category level distribution channel data and market share of brands.

                                                                                                            What else is contained?

                                                                                                            - Sector data: Overall sector value and volume data with growth analysis for 2013-2023.
                                                                                                            - Category coverage: Value and growth analysis for ethnic/traditional snacks, meat snacks, nuts and seeds, popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, and processed snacks with inputs on individual segment share within each sector and the change in their market share forecast for 2018-2023.
                                                                                                            - Distribution data: Percentage of sales within each sector through distribution channels such as cash & carries & warehouse clubs, convenience stores, department stores, hypermarkets & supermarkets, vending machines, e-retailers, “dollar stores”, variety stores & general merchandise retailers, drug stores & pharmacies, and other general retailers.
                                                                                                            - Leading players: Market share of brands and private labels in both value and volume terms in 2018.
                                                                                                            - Packaging data: consumption breakdown for package materials and pack types in each category, in terms of percentage share of number of units sold. Pack material data for rigid plastics, glass, flexible packaging, rigid metal and others; pack type data for: specialty container, bottle, tube, tub and others.


                                                                                                            - Argentinian Savory snacks had a market value of ARS8,428.6 million in 2018
                                                                                                            - Potato chips was the largest categoryin terms of value sales in 2018
                                                                                                            - Ethnic snacs/traditional snacks was the fastest growing category at a CAGR of 14.1%
                                                                                                            - Hypermarkets and supermarkets were the largest distribution channel accounting value share of 41.2%
                                                                                                            - PepsiCo, Blancanuez Sa and The 5 Hispanic company were the top three players in Australian savory sector
                                                                                                            - Flexible packaging is the most commonly used pack material in the Australian savory snacks sector accounted for a share of 94.7%

                                                                                                            Reasons to buy

                                                                                                            - Identify high potential categories and explore further market opportunities based on detailed value and volume analysis
                                                                                                            - Existing and new players can analyze key distribution channels to identify and evaluate trends and opportunities
                                                                                                            - Gain an understanding of the total competitive landscape based on detailed brand share analysis to plan effective market positioning
                                                                                                            - Our team of analysts have placed a significant emphasis on changes expected in the market that will provide a clear picture of the opportunities that can be tapped over the next five years, resulting in revenue expansion
                                                                                                            - The packaging analysis report helps manufacturers, in identifying the most commonly used packaging materials in the sector
                                                                                                            - Analysis on key macro-economic indicators such as real GDP, nominal GDP, consumer price index, household consumption expenditure, population (by age group, gender, rurral-urban split, and employed people and unemployment rate. It also includes economic summary of the country along with labor market and demographic trends.

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